Dr Keon West

Keon West is a Professor of Social Psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London and an expert on identity, prejudice, and representation. He has published over 60 empirical papers which have been cited over 1800 times in the wider scientific literature.  

His research, teaching, media engagement, and social activism have earned him numerous international awards. He has also presented programmes on nakedness and racism for BBC World Service, BBC Radio 4 and Channel 4 TV as well as appearing as a contributor for  newspapers, on radio and on television (including BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service, Channel 4, and the Discovery Channel) discussing his research and area of expertise. 

A truly international academic, he was born in Trinidad, grew up in Jamaica, and studied in the USA and France. He finally came to the UK as a Rhodes Scholar in 2006 to do his doctorate in Social Psychology at Oxford University.

Keon is the co - author of the original audiobook Skewed - How Bias Distorts Our View of Other People and How to Make It Stop

and his new book The Science of Racism – Everything you Need to Know But Probably Don’t Know – Yet is published in the UK and US early next year.


Dr Keon West
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